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Fly according to your schedule

Regardless of your reason for travelling, whether it’s business or leisure, your focus is on your destination. We are convinced that whenever you plan a trip, you prefer to spend the least amount of time and avoid as much stress factors as possible. We promise to significantly reduce your travelling time. This way you can focus on what’s important, like preparing for your meeting. Or even better, have an actual meeting. We bet your business associates won’t mind meeting you in your office in the sky. Of course, you can also sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet of your private flight in the most comfortable way. Therefore, we emphasise on providing the most modern fleet to you.

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Head office

De Schans 3

2983GT Ridderkerk

The Netherlands


Operational Base

Rotterdam Airport

Airportplein 56

3045AP Rotterdam

The Netherlands


Thank you to get in touch with us, looking forward to welcome you onboard!

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